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Favorite ThisZeds Dead - Podcast Episode 107

Published: January 19, 2012

For the past few years, one team of mischievous dubsteppers has become synonymous with the over-the-top, pop-culture-laden, classic rock remix: Zeds Dead. Toronto's DC and Hooks had been crafting hip-hop instrumentals under the moniker Mass Productions, when they stumbled upon the rebirth of electronic music, and with it, the lush sounds of dubstep. A handful of viral remixes later, and the duo was touring the world with some of the biggest names in bass. Their shows are rowdy, their productions are precise, and there is no mistaking a Zeds Dead track.

Zeds Dead's new EP Adrenaline comes out next week on Inspected Records, which gives us a chance to get up on our soap box. Obviously, pirating an album from the internet via a torrent or whatever is a dick move. Zeds Dead put a lot of hard work into this album, and this is, by all accounts, their career, so support them if you like what they're doing by purchasing this album. However, the attempts being made by congress to stop the pirating of intellectual property is the medical equivalent of amputating an arm to treat a papercut. It is absolutely important for the growth and development of our society (through kickass websites like for ordinary citizens to rise up against SOPA and PIPA. For more information, please follow this handy link from our buddies at Google, which explains everything:

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