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Favorite ThisZEDS DEAD in the Electric Glen - Podcast Episode 150

Published: July 24, 2014

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Once again, ZEDS DEAD returns to The Untz Podcast, but not like you've ever heard them before. Well, OK, you heard them before with your ears, so it's exactly like the last time they were on the podcast, but maybe you don't have any friends because you're so nitpicky. Just cool it.

The famed Canadian production duo joined in the Electric Glen, the inaugural music and technology zone at this year's Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, MI June 26-29.

The Glen brought in all sorts of acts for panels with podcast host Anand Harsh, like Protohype, Cosby Sweater, Zoogma, Dirtyphonics, and more, and the joint with American Music & Sound also gave fans and artists alike the opportunity to play around with the coolest gear from Xone, Reloop, Nord, and more.

At the beginning of this month, ZEDS DEAD released Somewhere Else, their latest EP on Mad Decent and Ultra Canada. The stunning set of tunes runs the gamut from house to hip-hop, with plenty of that classic dubstep sound from the pair. Zachary Rapp-Rovan and Dylan Mamid talk about the album during this panel, as well their boss Diplo, the pressure of making an album, and pizza.

We'll be rolling out many more of these panels with artists from Electric Forest each week. Stay tuned.

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