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Favorite ThisZeds Dead and Omar LinX: The Living Dead EP Review

Published: August 6, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

One of the most important facets in today’s bass music world is consistency. Many artists are busting out well-received cuts on occasion, but it’s the ones who can continue to do this month after month who are garnering the most respect from fans and supporters within the industry. It’s a cutthroat game, and you have to know how to wield a sword if you want to make it to the top.

Fortunately for Zeds Dead, this seems to be what they do best. The duo from Toronto has not only been dogmatically devoted to the studio since debuting their haunting sound more than three years ago, but has been able to steadily improve with every release they have unloaded. DC and Hooks continue to regale listeners with their thunderous soundscapes, but it seems 2012 has been the year they hit their stride, evident from a series of momentous EPs and pulsing remixes.

On their most recent set of songs released through Ultra Records, The Living Dead, the duo once again calls upon fellow Canadian dub head Omar LinX to unleash some crafty bars over their vicious instrumentations.

First up is “Crank,” which will quickly prove to any listener that this EP is much different from their first release with LinX. Victor was clearly a hip-hop mixtape that featured dubbed out production, while The Living Dead is more of a dubstep EP that contains some hard-hitting lyrics. The track also shows a huge improvement in regards to LinX’s confidence as an artist on lines like “I feel like King Kong snorting cocaine” and “I am the man handing out toe tags,” which clearly differ from his heartfelt confessions of love lost on Victor.  

“Take A Chance” opens up with cliff hanging synth progressions and enthralling background tones that will have any listener holding on for dear life while wondering what will strike next. The answer: some of most consistent work from these three artists as they continue to unveil their infectious mesh of gripping lyrics and jagged bass bursts.

“Cowboy” is easily the most unique cuts we have ever heard from Zeds Dead, which strikes with bluesy guitar chords and live drums; a groundbreaking track that will surprise listeners with an unpredictable fluctuation that includes an 80’s rock section, triumphant dub lines, and an armada of emotive lyrical weaponry.  

Zeds Dead & Omar LinX have proven once again that the combo of their respective talents are truly a force to reckon with, on an EP filled with animalistic drops and charismatic vocals. Included below is a preview of their video for “Crank,” which highlights some of the group’s recent travels on The Living Dead tour.

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