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Favorite ThisZedd makes a splash with Foxes on Letterman

Published: January 4, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

The "king of late night" welcomed the prince of electro to his small screen kingdom last night. Fresh-faced producer and composer Zedd was the musical guest on Late Night with David Letterman last night. The undisputed heavyweight champ of late night comedy couldn't help but take a stab at Zedd's German heritage and Alvin Risk's scarf, but the artists were absolutely beaming at the major television opportunity for the dance music world. Foxes showed off her vocal prowess with the orchestrated version of Zedd's title track from his latest release, Clarity. With a background in classical performance and composition, Zedd looked right at home behind the piano on a stage that has supported everyone from U2 and Sting to the Dixie Chicks and Ween.

Tags: ElectroHouse