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Favorite ThisYouTube trolls review the new Skrillex album for us

Published: March 25, 2014
By: Jordan Calvano (@calvanojordan)

Skrillex vs TrollsEarlier this month, Skrillex started dropping songs out of nowhere. Using some crazy app, the megastar producer slowly leaked songs from Recess in 30-minute intervals, driving the world crazy while satisfying their desire to hear something new from the one and only Sonny Moore. Everybody loves to hear new music from Skrillex. Half the world spirals into a manic state of pure emotion while praising his work, while the other half sneers at the new tunes and sets its troll-guns to “flame.”

There will always be haters with Skrillex, and we decided it would only be fair to let them review his album for us. Posted below is a track-by-track analysis of Recess, using some of our favorite YouTube comments posted on each individual song. Then, we decided to reply to all of these comments. You can imagine we had some fun with this. We personally loved the album, but decided the haters deserved a voice too. “All Is Fair,” right?

1. “All Is Fair In Love and Brostep” with Ragga Twins
                        “The drop is copied off of "Zomboy's Terror Squad"
                        Listen to both of them at the same time!
                        Terror Squad: September 2013
                        All Is Fair In Love And Brostep: March 2014”  
Dear SkyeHiOfficial: Are you absolutely sure about that? Like absolutely sure? Because last time we checked, that is not what happened. Skrillex let Zomboy in on a little listening session, and Zomboy may have inadvertently borrowed a little influence from Sonny’s unreleased track. Next, Skrillex returned the favor by literally ripping pieces from “Terror Squad.” No hard feelings right? Hence the name “All Is Fair In Love and Brostep.” Oh, and we tried listening to both of the songs at the same time like you suggested. That just scared and confused us.

2. “Recess” with Kill The Noise, Fatman Scoop, and Michael Angelakos
                        “Hes like copying all the latest artists way of music.
                        Its just more trash and theyre promoting what sounds like
                        someones computer who just opened too many tabs.”

Dear Sky .Caststeel: Do you really think that’s how electronic music is made? My computer just stops working when I try and stream porn, Breaking Bad, and Marvin Gaye at the same time. If loud music just started forming in perfect succession with vocals included from having too many tabs open, I would probably shit my self with excitement. Like damn, did I just do that? That’s creativity at its finest.

3. “Stranger” with Killagraham from Milo & Otis and Sam Dew 
                        “NO! IT SOUNDS LIKE A FUCKING MOSQUITO!
                        AND I LIKE SKRILLEX!”

Dear Brock Butler: Don’t hate. Did you ever think that maybe Skrillex was trying to create a new genre? Some of that good Mosquitostep for everybody to groove to. Maybe he even sampled some of those creepy little creatures. Went out into the woods with his new BFF Killagraham and recorded some Mosquitos in their natural habitat. That’s dedication. It would explain the tribal drums.

4. “Try It Out (Neon Mix)” with Alvin Risk 

                        “LoL funny how skrillex is getting praise
                        for this song even though its heavily mixed by (Neon)
                        I know its originally skrillex's but you should be
                        thanking (Neon) for this song.”

Dear xxm3r5an4ryxx: You bring up a good point. And while we’re out searching and graciously thanking the mysterious Neon for this suave mix, we should probably go and thank VIP and WIP too. Think of how many incredible songs those two producers have remixed over the years, and they never seem to get the credit they deserve. Why are we praising Skrillex, when it’s Neon we should really be thanking. They should be booking the homie Bootleg for Hard Summer instead.

5. “Coast Is Clear” with Chance The Rapper and The Social Experiment
                                    “Who The fuck are my drops?
                        Dickhead give me The fucking drops! I kill you”

Dear Neil Cappellaro: Did you mean “Where the fuck are my drops?” That would have made a little more sense. But regardless, are you really that mad? Would you really kill Sonny for not giving you a drop, or are you just messing with him? I’m picturing your face as you typed the words “I kill you” for the whole Internet to see, and it’s very entertaining. I don’t know Neil, who the fuck are your drops?

6. “Dirty Vibe” with Diplo, G-Dragon, and CL 

                                    “The worst song i've ever heard”

Dear Andy Cai: I’m sorry, but we have a little trouble trusting the words of a man with a crudely drawn cow as a profile picture. And seriously? Have you not heard “Friday” from Rebecca Black? Have you not heard that new Miley Cyrus album? Bangerz bro? Did you hear Bangerz? What about “Blurred Lines” from Robin Thicke? Think before you speak. It’s all about that “Dirty Vibe.” More Jack U please.

7. Ragga Bomb with Ragga Twins 

                                      “Best techno i have ever heard”

Dear Pastor Doug Gullman: Alright Pastor, you just got a huge pass from us. Forgot the part about this not actually being techno, because you are awesome. Just knowing that somewhere out there a pastor is jamming his ass off to a song called “Ragga Bomb” makes us incredibly happy. You need anything Doug? A donation to your church? Maybe some Untz shades? We could probably hook up a press pass to Electric Daisy Carnival if you are interested.

8. “Doompy Poomp” 

                        “this even is not skrillex u can get in real
                        trouble with naming it to the wrong DJ FU”

Dear Kiddy Gonzales: To be honest, Sonny would probably be pretty stoked if he saw your comment. He made a song so strange, so unorthodox; that a massive group of YouTube commenters including yourself honestly believed it was a fake upload. You got us thinking though. DJ FU would actually be a pretty good name. We know that’s not what you were saying, but we appreciate the inspiration.

9. “Fuck That” 

                        “Actually, this is not music.
                        He is banging two bins and farting in a tunel.
                        I love he's old songs, which kids used on whatever
                        And we all enjoyed more than this pice of shit.”

Dear GreekInspiration: Dammit. Is that really what Sonny is doing? Making us believe that he’s slaving away in the studio, when really he’s just acting like Rickety Cricket From It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and banging bins together and farting in tunnels? How could he do us like that? And what do you mean “used on whatever?” I hope that wasn’t a reference to drugs. Does your mom know about this?

10. “Ease My Wind” with Niki & The Dove 

                        “No offense, but this is embarrassing to play
                        on my subwoofers... I hope no one heard me
                        playing this stupid gay shit.”

Dear KixioHD: This sounds like a personal problem. We’re talking about Skrillex here. Busting out those hard-hitting, subwoofin-pushing anthems for you to bump while driving around. Maybe it’s time to replace those bad boys? Also, haven’t you heard “Same Love” from Macklemore? We don’t use the word “gay” like that. Plus, you’ve got a rainbow as your profile picture. Whose side are you on man? At least he said no offense though. It’s cool guys. He doesn’t mean any offense.

11. “Fire Away” with Kid Harpoon 


Dear TheMusicFresh: Dammit dude. The Internet is getting more and more confusing by the day. Are you just messing with us, or do you really think this is a trap song? Should we be making fun of you, or are you making fun of us because you just totally trolled us? Either way, we got a good laugh after reading your comment on the most visceral, chilled out song off Skrillex’s new album. Touché mister.
So, there you have it folks. Some people loved the album, and some people hated it. But then again, did you expect anything different. We can imagine the debate over Recess will continue for months to come, inciting riotous arguments across the Internet and in real life all around the world. So, what did you think? Will Sonny be walking home with more Grammy gold next January, or will his debut LP be left in the dust?

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