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Favorite ThisYounger Brother - Podcast Episode 59

Published: April 5, 2011

When Benji Vaughan was growing up in the UK, he hated four-on-the-floor.  More in tune with the burgeoning drum and bass scene, Vaughan's attitude shifted following a (forced) trip to Goa.  The trance scene sucked him in, and he immediately began producing it.  A chance encounter with Twisted Records impresario and psytrance legend Simon Posford led to Vaughan, then Prometheus, signing with the label.

Posford and Vaughan launched a totally new project in the early 2000s.  A non-trance collaboration called Younger Brother.  Two releases, 2003's Flock of Beeps, and 2007's Last Days of Gravity, became huge hits in the underground electronic community.  Now, Posford and Vaughan are on the verge of releasing their third studio album, Vaccine, which features Disco Biscuits' bassist Marc Brownstein, Tommy Hamilton of Brothers Past, drummer Joe Russo, and vocalist Ruu Campbell.  Posford and Vaughan are also doing 4 U.S. dates beginning tonight in Baltimore at Bourbon Street.

Up next week on the podcast, it's Random Rab!  This left-coaster has become a Burning Man staple, thanks to his emotionally-charged sunrise sets.  Bringing passion and elegance to the electronic scene, Rab has a completely different take on the whole West Coast sound.  Random Rab will be joining Shpongle for a huge run of dates this Summer.

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