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Favorite ThisYounger Brother and Shpongle Release New Albums

Published: February 21, 2011


Here's the latest news from Twisted Records:

We are now well into 2011 with Prometheus, Younger Brother & Shpongle already tearing up Australia & Israel with their rocking live performances.  We released Younger Brother's 'Night Lead Me Astray' last year to end the year on a high and now the first two items this year are the release of YB's 3rd full length album "Vaccine" along with a riproaring Shpongle EP "The God Particle" featuring Benji Vaughan.


Younger Brother 'Vaccine'

1. 'Crystalline'
2. 'Shine'
3. 'Pound A Rhythm'
4. 'Safety In Numbers'
5. 'Night Lead Me Astray'
6. 'Train'
7. 'Spinning Into Place'
8. 'System 700'
9. 'Tetris'
Here is a message for you straight from the band:
"So you guys are really good to us,  it's been so great over the last 6 months being able to stay in contact with you all!
Here's a remix of our forthcoming track (as remixed by ourselves truly):
Shine (Younger Brother Remix)
Also, we are now ready to tour ourselves to death so we'd love to see you at the following shows in Europe and the UK."
25th February     Tel Aviv, Israel         Israel Trade Fairs Centre
5th March Helsinki, Finland The Circus
7th March Moscow, Russia Gaudi Arena
  United Kingdom  
25th March Brighton Digital
30th March London XOYO
31st March Bristol Thekla
1st April Nottingham Stealth

Tickets for UK shows here: 


Shpongle 'The God Particle EP'

(Twisted Records Ltd)

1: Shpongle 'Before The Big Bang'
2: Shpongle 'The God Particle'

"Deep underground in Switzerland, in a tunnel 27k's long, engineers and scientists from all over the world have constructed a circle which is an experiment, to find the origin of the Universe by simulating what happened after the BIG Bang.

By firing Protons in opposite directions along the tunnel, they can anaylise the information of the millions of collisions the atoms and molecules create as they collide with each other at almost the speed of light to find a clearer picture of what happened at the beginning of Time.

This information will give scientists a clearer picture of how the Universe was created, searching for what has been known to be called the God Particle.

Shpongle, with Benji Vaughan by our side, have simulated the sound of this experiment to the music of Shpongle faster and faster till explosions fill the void, and propel us and the listener to a new dimension in sound. This is a unique piece of electronic music, breaking the barriers, and pushing forward experimental adult dance music. Speeds ranging from 23 BPM to 173 BPM, hurl the listener into unfamiliar and unconventional sound voyages, where serious endorphic changes happen to the listener, which results in a complete unusual physical and mental mind set, one is never going to be the same or listen to music in the same way ever again.

This is a breakthrough event, particles, atoms, neutrons and other sounds result in weird highness and high weirdness... bringing a new exciting bar raising epic from Shpongle. This is not your normal cup of tea, and one will change while listening to this maelstom of beauty and surprise, but one will have to repeat the experiment time and time again to reveal the new exciting levels of far out musical adventures.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.....I feel it is our most adventurous collage of sound ever."

Purchase these tracks now from Itunes.
Stay tuned to The Untz for Younger Brother and Shpongle announcements and tour dates!

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