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Favorite ThisYoung London - Broken (Culture Code Remix)

Published: April 15, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

We've known that Culture Code knows its way around female vocals. Their mega-hit with Lisa Rowe, "Over Again," proved that Dylan and Chris could find the perfect balance between the delicate airiness of some feminine vox and the provacative tumult of some subsonic lunacy. The balance between beauty and chaos has been the cornerstone of the most popular dubstep of late, from Seven Lions to Singularity to SirensCeol. But back to Culture Code. The UK young'ins chopped the beautiful strains of New England's Young London (yes, it is funny), and spreads it out over a thoroughly mesmerizing build. But hold on to your butts--it's back, now that the movie is in 3D--because this drop is deafening. Pure adrenaline. And it's all yours for free.