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Favorite ThisYheti completes the release of his Far From The Tree EP

Published: September 1, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

It's a little difficult to go back to normal life when you've been spoiled so hard all week. Today, Yheti completed the drip, drip, drip release of his Far From The Tree EP, which saw a track drop each day since Monday, including three in the past 24 hours since there were six tracks on the collection.

The last two tracks to drop were the bouncy “Hey,” which features a real neck-breakin' hook, and his ode to Arion Bee (who knocked the album artwork out of the park), “Above The Clouds,” which is as close as you're going to get to a bump-n-grind R&B hit from Tyler Holler as you're going to get.

There is so much savage beauty and freakishly serious weirdness in this 6-track EP. Yheti is firing on all cylinders and taking great leaps into cementing his position in a saturated industry by doing his best to sound like absolutely no one else out there. And to their credit, no producers have tried to bite his sound—because you just can't.

The big Far From The Tree tour kicks off this weekend at DNA Lounge in San Francisco. Then Holler links up with his brother Toadface and good homie DMVU for a big swing through the midwest. More than thirty dates will take the trio coast-to-coast breaking in new markets and spreading the sound far and wide. This is an absolutely incredible run that sees three underground bass producers on the verge of breaking big. Visit to get the full scoop.

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