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Favorite ThisYheti & Toadface unleash Brain Mirrors EP on Wakaan

Published: February 15, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

The Untz Festival Phase 1

Wakaan has been heralding the release of the new EP from the Holler brothers, Tyler and Todd, with much fanfare. And for good reason. Yheti and Toadface's Brain Mirror EP is a glimpse into the creative process between fiercely innovative family members who share an almost telepathic connection in the studio.

Both “Serious” and “Wonky Mirror” meld the brothers' styles perfectly, fusing Yheti's demented circus tricks with Toadface's predilection for low-end ribbits. This is without a doubt the most cohesive material these two have released in their long history of collaborations.

Closer “Brain Waves” might be the standout on the EP, push come to shove. Opening with a soft breaks Mario Kart rainbow theme, the listener is immediately thrust into madness that eventually gives way to more 8-bit synths and Todd's croaks. It's a thrilling run through a bizarre video game custom-made to tickle your every weird penchant.

Beyond being thrilled for new weird tunes, we at The Untz are heavily invested in these brothers, because both the Hollers will be performing at The Untz Festival in early June out in beautiful Mariposa, California. They'll be joined by more Wakaan team members: Space Jesus, Shlump, Conrank, and of course, head honcho Liquid Stranger. Don't sleep on them tickets.

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