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Favorite ThisWin a pair of Borgore's headphones, check out his "Buygore Allstars"

Published: January 4, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Bad boy of dubstep Borgore is so excited to introduce you to the loony cast of characters known as the Buygore Allstars, he's putting up a pair of his coveted Fanny Wangs to get you on board. Welcome to Borgore's world of twisted trap, budded-out bass, and whatever the hell else his buddies have cooked up. This free compilation features off-the-wall producers with as little reverence for the norms of dubstep, trap, electro, and bass as their Buygore label head.


Which is exactly how you end up with Kennedy Jones doing the "Macarena." This cut from Shift Key, "Wiggle With It," has some wacky trap technique, and highlights from the rest of the compilation include tracks from The Un1K, Dead Audio, and Kid-Alt-Dub. You're not going to hear tunes like this from anywhere else, because only Borgore could assemble a motley crue of artists with this much swagger.

fanny wangsEach person that downloads this free compilation will be automatically entered to win a pair of Borgore's signature, leopard print Fanny Wangs. Asaf Borger can be found on stage, on a plane, and in a women's dressing room at Sears with a couple of hot young things and these furry babies. Not only do these headphones possess the latest noise-cancellation technology, but they're dead sexy, too. You'll be catching eyes from across the room with these babies. So who knows, you might be grabbing a pair of fancy new 'phones when you grab these fancy new tunes.

Tags: Dubstep