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Favorite ThisWick-it The Instigator - Rise of the Flabongos [EXCLUSIVE TRACK DOWNLOAD]

Published: November 20, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

They're evil. They're dangerous. They're pink. The hellbent cybernetic waterfowl known as the FLABONGOS are coming for your women, your children, and your anchovies. Beware! Our only hope for survival is a fresh new mixtape from the mash-up madman Wick-it the Instigator, bringing us a bucket of unreleased remixes, VIPs, and originals to satisfy our hunger. On top of the free RISE OF THE FLABONGOS mixtape, The Untz is proud to bring fans an exclusive download of Wick-it's remix of "GYMNASTIC$" from Maal a Goomba. This bouncy beat will have you doing HAND$TAND$ down the street.
We're such big fans of Wick-it, we've got the man headlining our 4th anniversary celebration at DNA Lounge in San Francisco on Friday December 20th alongside Hieroglyphics and K Theory. This is going to be a blowout of epic proportions, and we're so happy to be spending it with the Instigator. And grab yourself a special edition Wick-it Flabongo to help you party with us!