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Favorite ThisWeekly Wobblez (Edition 4)

Published: August 28, 2012
By: Ty Allen

Whether a person considers themselves an artist or a spectator, aficionado or pioneer, one thing seems to be universally true—we can all derive inspiration from each other. Whether we need it, require it, want it or simply desire it, it is ever present and is just waiting to be utilized. Welcome to the fourth installment of “Weekly Wobblez”, a section of The Untz geared towards weekly discovery of music and artists across the EDM continuum, with the goal of diversifying people’s ventures of musical unearthing. Whether it’s an infamous DJ, spouting out a new mix, or some unknown hopeful, testing their waves on SoundCloud, we want to bring the inspirations to you, the people for whom they are meant. So, take a minute and check out the first edition of our new segment (and a second to turn up the bass, of course), and we hope to get your creative juices flowing, enjoy!

1. Silver Medallion: Stay Young (Single) + Remix by Udachi

First up is a brand new single by 24-year-old producer, Silver Medallion, who has diligently been pumping out dirty sounds, ranging from hard-hitting EDM that’s coarse enough to spark a match, to some more upbeat and heartfelt electro-pop that still tends to melt away the dance floors. This time around he has gone the pop route in “Stay Young,” with airy builds layered behind bouncing saws culminated by lifting vocals; referencing drinking away heartache, kissing under champagne showers, and above all, staying young…definitely a soon-to-be favorite! Ah yes, and then the infamous, Udachi, based out of Staten Island, turns up the tempo about 20 bpm and traps the top off this hearty house anthem; injecting charismatic percussion-play accompanied by some wavy laser swag and a bit of precision-laced vocal chops, which, all together, make for a completely different yet equally as uplifting track that is sure to get the crowd moving.

2. Habstrakt: KOAN Sound - Akira (Remix)

Next up we have a grimy ground shaker that comes to us in the form of Habstrakt’s free DL remix/reboot to an old KOAN Sound banger, “Akira.” This time around, the Frenchman takes the orchestral builds and the staggering drops of the original, which, at one point, didn’t seem like they could get any tougher, and, you guessed it, toughened ‘em right up! Keeping the ominous intro, only adding some resounding trumpets pumped up a few notches and bouncy organ chords slapped on top of subtly spooky strings, Habstrakt quickly takes his production power and blasts the track off it’s hinges; throwing down kicks and growls so deep and foreboding they redefine what it means to go HAM (Habstrakt As a Muhfucka).

3. Thrilla: Dream Jazz

This next track of the drum & bass variety with a bit of breaks tossed in the mix, and comes to us from a rising producer by the name of Thrilla. He has been producing bass tracks since early 2011 and is really beginning to showcase his talents, which is probably why powerhouse record label, Heavy Artillery, decided to pick this guy up. No vocals here, simply heavy bass drops supplemented by shuffling hi-hats and snares made all the more chaotic with buzzing synths, breathing in and out, and a very sinister growl that flutters throughout the track, most noticeably in the breakdown. Great d&b track with awesome breakdowns, definitely need to turn this one up!

4. Jack Beats ft. Diplo & Example: War

This one is fresh off Jack Beats’ new Careless EP which has already been catching some serious buzz and recognition and features the likes of Diplo, Example (obviously), Dillon Francis, and more, and has everything needed to get the dance floor nice and drippy. “War” starts off walking through a barrage of locker doors banging on top of a glitched out series of vocals and soon devolves into an ominous chant set behind some smooth strings and the drum line kicks back in with Example dropping some lyrical wisdom. Before you know it, the war chant drops with that unmistakable sound of bouncing gargle that seems to define Jack Beats, and keeps trickling out of speakers everywhere. This one may take a few listens to really appreciate but it’s sure to wobble your pants off, if you let it.

5. Major Lazer: No Doubt – Settle Down (Remix)

Last, but certainly never least, is the original don himself, Major Lazer with a new moombah-meltdown to help bolster the sub genre that has been gaining exponential appreciation. Opening up, the Major uses Gwen’s entrancing lyrics with little to no effects necessary and does what he does best, picks up the pace with a bit of island flavor formed from a deep, bouncy, steel drum over a powerful kick and smashes into an early breakdown complete with stretched out womps and whews, and Gwen’s energetic vocals, “trying to get a hold on this”…it’s only fitting that you’re going to have to hold on to the hips in front of you, because this dance floor dominator is sure to be dropping people to their knees.

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