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Favorite ThisWeekly Wobblez (Edition 1)

Published: July 11, 2012
By: Ty Allen

Whether a person considers themselves an artist or a spectator, aficionado or pioneer, one thing seems to be universally true—we can all derive inspiration from each other. Whether we need it, require it, want it or simply desire it, it is ever present and is just waiting to be utilized. This is why we have created “Weekly Wobblez,” a new section of The Untz geared towards weekly discovery of music and artists across the EDM continuum, with the goal of diversifying people’s ventures of musical unearthing. Whether it’s an infamous DJ, spouting out a new mix, or some unknown hopeful, testing their waves on SoundCloud, we want to bring the inspirations to you, the people for whom they are meant. So, take a minute and check out the first edition of our new segment (and a second to turn up the bass, of course), and we hope to get your creative juices flowing, enjoy!

1. Lenny D’Orlando: ReAnimation (

While he may not be on any stages at the moment, Lenny has been crafting sounds for years, working as a sound designer for a creative video agency known as the dvi group. “ReAnimation,” from Lenny’s bustling 25-follower SoundCloud page is more than worth a listen, so much in fact that Audio-technica commissioned him to create this song for use in their ad campaign, promoting a new line of Solid Bass headphones. The video features Youtube dance sensation, Marquese Scott, as he is “reanimated” after losing his (heart) “beat.” The song itself is built up with a heart-monitor metronome and some tinkering hi-hats, then injected with some celestial synth work and quickly shattered by bone crunching bass that was literally designed to pump your heart back to life. It certainly stands alone, but it was constructed for the advertisement, so check it out if you want to see the whole show!

2. Viking Breakdance: What You Gonna Do?

Ryan Magnusson is a 23-year-old on the up and up, favoring dub-style mash-ups and plays shows where the audience is graced with live synth play. While his layering may not be the most complex in the world, his talent is undeniable. “What You Gonna Do” is a fresh “crunkstep” twist on a Lil’ Jon classic. It starts with a light, choppy synth-line and quickly drops into some deep, funkadelic bass that plays well into the hip-hop roots of the original but drops hard enough to get the speakers rattling, and he doesn’t forget to sample some quintessential, Lil John hype throughout.

3. Silent H!: Zedd – Spectrum (Remix)

This song has been such a hit, I figured a slightly punched up remix was worth a feature, and it is from yet another rising star. Silent H! has been in production for a while now, and just released his debut EP on THaF records last year (which is now free on his Facebook page) and shows no signs of slowing down. This remix has a bit more up-tempo feel and features some nicely glitched-out sampling accompanied by strong synth lines that could saw your ears off if you’re not careful. Definitely a great job here, injecting a bit of originality while complimenting the original well. Look out for Silent H!.

4. Wicked Awesome – Be a Part of It

As impressive as this track was at first listen, almost more so was the claim in Wicked Awesome’s bio that he constructs his music purely through drawing in the waveforms. While there’s no telling how true this claim may be, one thing is for sure, the Boston bass-head knows how to produce. After recently leaving Thick Chick (a house duo) to experiment in various forms of electronic music, Wicked started pumping out some Colorado glitch-hop and UK Future Bass inspired tracks, and his latest, “Be a Part of It” does an amazing job at infusing up-tempo bass music with hip-hop grit. The track starts relatively simple with some spacey, Caribbean-style xylophones and quickly layers on smooth synth and sub lines to create something just about anyone can appreciate, and certainly everyone can dance to. Oh, and he drops a Drizzy sample from, “Forever”, playing into the song’s title which is great for one of those, “Oh daamn, he did it!” moments.