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Favorite ThisWatchTheDuck: Poppin' Off [Video]

Published: December 6, 2012

Atlanta has long been a musical melting pot, so it comes as no surprise that a brand new EDM sound would emanate from the heart of the south. WatchTheDuck has branded "soul step." Combining a Stax sound with the dirtiness of bass music, the Atlanta collective has revolutionized an already revolutionary aesthetic. The video for "Poppin' Off" has been in heavy rotation on MTVu, and also made the rounds of dance blogs thanks to some fancy footwork from Marquese Scott a.k.a. Nonstop of Butch Clancy/Pumped Up Kicks/YouTube/Ellen fame. We're curious to see how long it takes for mainstream audiences to catch on, but it's a matter of "when," not "if."

WatchTheDuck are musical innovators, groundbreakers and scene-changers who are poised to take the music they love to people and places they would never have imagined possible. This is evolution in action; ingenuity on a roll. 

For WatchTheDuck, it’s all about making great music that they love first, but instead of just handing down their sonic manna from some DJ booth on high, they are bringing their brand of infectious dub-funk to the people with their own hands—sweating it directly onto the dance floor. Now is the time for them to take their movement, that has been embraced by the Atlanta underground scene, to the people, proving how ingenuity and bold artistry can bring all of us to musical landscapes we never could have imagined! WatchTheDuck is for everyone.

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