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Favorite Thiswassuop debuts glitchy title track from new EP

Published: September 6, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

wassuopSomehow Bay Area beatsmith wassuop has eluded our grasp—until today. We've premiered tracks from compilations Patrick Sproull has also contributed to, and many of his contemporaries in the psy bass scene, but finally we snagged the title track from his forthcoming EP, Drawing A Blank.

The opener of the four-track EP, “Drawing A Blank” will inevitably garner Tipper comparisons from people lazier than myself. While I heard the influence of the Tiplord on Sproull, I hear a variety of fun tricks and trappings of west coast bass that give this track a little grittier feel.

The fuzz and slap of the bass line isn't easy to capture, and the attention to detail is evident in the final product. The funk is also extremely strong with this one.

Speaking of west coast bass, the label Danktronics has picked this EP up for distribution, and will be releasing this bad boy on September 11th.

Tags: Glitch