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Favorite ThisVolume Sundays: Mimosa at Ten Nightclub (Newport Beach, CA) Review

Published: August 22, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Another day, another dollar, and another unforgettable night at the one and only Ten Nightclub, where Sundays become the best day of the week, every week. The venue and its illustrious team of savvy promoters have created a seventh day that may not be as holy as the Sabbath, but is sure more rockin’ than the rest could ever be. Artists like 3LAU, Autoerotique, Zeds Dead, Candyland, Krewella, and Mat Zo have already torn apart the decks for the pleasure of every OC concertgoer, and as the weeks continue to pass, the names only get bigger and better.

For this week’s edition of Volume Sundays, the venue brought California wild child Tigran Mimosa (Robert Collado), who goes HAM every time he steps in front of an audience. His infectious style of glitched out madness possesses a certain unmatched finesse to it, or dare we even say a certain sexuality, which shines through each melody driven note he unleashes. Powerful, gripping, and exotically contagious, while packing a an extra hip-hop punch that puts the trill in his endearing catch phrase “Future Trill.” You can’t help but close your eyes and slowly take in the tunes Mimosa puts out; relaxing at times, yet still able to make a listener desire a crazy night on the town.

At around 12:30, Mimosa rushed up to the stage, made a silky smooth transition from the previous DJ’s house track, and than immediately let loose for the whole crowd to see. This not only included the thunderous bangers he was dropping on the pumped up dance floor, but the way he was downing drinks like it was the Fourth of July. The party had begun, and from the very first cut it was evident that you were about to experience a rowdy trap fiesta, trapathon, or whatever you would like to dub it. Massive tracks were flowing like the liquor in Collado’s system, including crowd-pleasing hip-hop tunes from artists like Schoolboy Q, The Weeknd, Chris Brown, Drake, and even “Juicy” by Biggie, which had the whole crown singing along to the track’s inescapable lyrics in unison throughout. Mimosa might not have known exactly what city he was in, evident from the constant shout outs to “San Francisco,” but whatever state of mind the young gun possessed had him dancing like Michael Jackson, lip syncing to vocals like Ashlee Simpson, and partying hard like Charlie Sheen. Next up were some ubiquitous original anthems from the man himself like “Drippin,” “Psychedelic Stereo,” “Fluorescence,” and even his majestic remix of “Sun & Moon” by trance legends Above & Beyond, which left the audience speechless. He finished things off by dropping “I’m Single” by Lil’ Wayne, slowly grooving on top of the stage for a few minutes, and than disappearing into oblivion before the dance floor even realized the show was over.

Mimosa took to the stage for the seventh installment of Volume Sundays, and went all out on an immersive set that won’t soon be forgotten. Check out the venues website to stay updated on upcoming events, which includes heavy hitting performers like Hook N Sling and Felguk.

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