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Favorite ThisVokab Kompany slideshow + review / The Mint (Los Angeles, CA) / Dec 20, 2013

Published: January 3, 2014
Story by: Charles Walker
Photos by: Brittany Rogy

The fusion of hip-hop and electronic music is something has been on the rise for years, but the ability to do it seamlessly and consistently is the difference between making it and breaking it. When it comes to the San Diego's Vokab Kompany, no one's sweatin' it. They've got it covered.

Combining the tongue-twisting vocals of Rob Hurt and Burkey Baby with a live, electric band behind them is what makes them refreshing, sets them well apart, and raises the bar. And the roof!
The Mint in LA provided the perfect “basement”-type surroundings that made this night seem like a house party.  The bass was pounding, the temperature was rising, and the fellas ripped through their deep repertoire while also showcasing some of their latest tracks and collaborations. Busting out the goods from their VKCE album with Crush Effect, favorites like “Burn It Down,” “Back To The Past,” and “Float Away” were only a few of the night’s peak performances.   
This award-wining group has, over the course of the last few years, been on an absolute tear.  Most recently having completed collaborations with Solovox on “Kill You With My Sex,” releasing V Sides: Kollabs and Remixes Vol. 1 with a Stephan Jacobs collab on “Lazy Hooks,” and dropping a music video for their recent single, “Where’s My Delorean” shows true flexibility.

The art of making feel good music that actually makes people feel good is alive more than ever in this group, and that resonates with a larger, broader audience.  No wonder Vokab Kompany is on fire, and it doesn’t stop there, as their music is continuing to catch the attention of major brand and television executives.
Did I mention their saxophone player can absolutely rip? They have a classically trained violinist (who wasn’t with them at The Mint), and a keys player who brings the playful synth sounds to give a true electric feel. Well it’s all true, and these guys are the real deal. 
Vokab Kompany is on the books to join Shpongle and Desert Dwellers at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA on Tuesday, March 11th—and more gigs are being added all the time!

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