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Favorite ThisVirtual Riot feat Lisa Rowe - Alive

Published: December 20, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Leave it to the Germans to make dubstep as sleek and refined as their automobiles. Is that an unwarranted stereotype? Let's just say "no," and move on. Everyone loves cars and dance music from Deutschland. Regardless, 18-year-old Valentin Brunn has crafted an absolute masterpiece with "Alive." Joining forces with newcomer Lisa Rowe, the pair builds a sort of dubstep ballad with huge crashing drops and lush orchestral sections. And Rowe's voice is gorgeous, evoking sorrow and joy effortlessly with each extended note. As Virtual Riot, Brunn has steadily built up a following, and a hefty Beatport catalog, in a short amount of time. This young producer has already demonstrated his talent for working with vocalists, key in today's pop scene, and spreading his skills around between electro, drum 'n' bass, and dubstep. He's already been released on small, Portland-based Phantom Hertz, but look for a big American label to swoop him up here soon. The young go fast, these days. Like their cars! Now that's not racist...