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Favorite ThisVibe Emissions is our neighborhood 'Dawg'

Published: November 13, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

Vibe Emissions - Dawg

Like the Energizer Bunny he just keeps going and going and going. Is it foolish to make a reference to a 25-year old commercial? Yes, but don't let that distract you.

Bryce Herlong is releasing tunes left and right, and quarantine just isn't slowing him down. It was announced this week that Vibe Emissions would be joining the Sacred Hive team for management, and to celebrate he's releasing a brand new tune with them: “Dawg.”

It's punch, raw, and bold. Everything you want in a Vibe Emissions tune. Herlong has such a strong hip-hop sensibility, and it jumps out of the speakers.

We're just patiently waiting for this global pandemic to go away (fingers crossed about new vaccine info), and when it does, we'll be welcoming The Undergrowth team to The Untz Festival in California, and Vibe Emissions will be leading the charge. Until then, wear your mask and crank this.

Listen to “Dawg” here

Tags: Dubstep