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Favorite ThisVexare: Rattlesnakes Review

Published: November 7, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Vexare (Palmer Hogen) was only fourteen years old when he unveiled the thunderous anthems “You Wouldn’t Know Me” and “Anthony Luvs Dub.” While Hogen’s age hasn’t changed much, his production abilities have skyrocketed well beyond the youngster’s years.

The Los Angeles based producer can’t legally drink or buy a pack of smokes, but this hasn’t stopped him from creating a pummeling and riveting sound.  His previous release, The Clockmaker, continued his unstoppable spree of earth rattling tracks, while harpooning his listener’s eardrums with a newfound grip on harmonious melodies. Now Hogen is back for more, with a shockingly momentous release that slithers pass the competition.

First up on Rattlesnakes is “ChaseMe,” which gently titillates the soul with visceral piano melodies and eerie background tones. What happens next may surprise many long time fans of Vexare. The tune detonates into a menacing hardstyle drop, while impeccably retaining the passionate and haunting qualities of the lead section.

Daunting piano notes appear once again on the title track, while sending uncontrollable shivers down your spine. These gracefully conjoin with sporadic dub womps, exploding into utter emotion while battling at times for ultimate supremacy.

“Still Remaining” possesses a unique aptitude, juxtaposing blissful and ominous melodies. Undulating drum work soon patterns under these gripping facets of the song, leading towards an electrifying drop complete with ethereal synth lines.

“Polar” slowly guides any listener through a nostalgic and unconscious journey. Mesmerizing snare claps coalesce with overarching piano and synth sections throughout the intro, before unleashing a Seven Lions style drop.

Rattlesnakes is undoubtedly Hogen’s most tantalizing release to date. Vexare continues to develop his trenchant yet melodic sound, while steadily influencing up and coming producers around the country.

Tags: DubstepElectroHard DanceHouse