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Favorite ThisVEIL & MYTHM set the stage for 'DECEPTION'

Published: December 21, 2021

By: Jonathan Gross

VEIL & MYTHMTwo of the biggest breakout acts of 2021 close out the year with a scorched-earth collab. VEIL and MYTHM have had huge years with massive shows, tours, and releases. We'd like to think we played a small part in VEIL's success with one of the first festival sets of her newly rebranded project on our stage at The Untz Festival back in June.

DECEPTION” is a powerful, snarling low-end beast with atmospheric samples and signature moves from both of its producers. You'd be hard-pressed two find two artists who have broken through the noise and found their sound more than this pair. MYTHM has been particularly prolific this year, and from what we understand, many more collabs are in the works and on their way.

Grab this year-end single from Street Ritual

Tags: Dubstep