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Favorite ThisVaski - Podcast Episode 128

Published: August 2, 2012

Growing up in Minnesota, Vaski didn't have too many people to share his love of electronic music with--besides maybe his dad, who raised him on house and trance. Websites devoted to electro-house production (his first love) led him to warehouse parties, and eventually Outback Ranch in Minnesota, where he first heard the sweet, sweet sounds of dubstep. Instantly hooked, some of his first forays into production led him to Excision's Rottun Recordings, one of the biggest labels in filth. Vaski has, in turn, become of the of brightest stars in bass music.

This weekend, Vaski returns to the scene of the grim to join a whole host of dubstep and bass acts including Tipper, EOTO, Downlink, KOAN Sound, NastyNasty, Darth & Vader, Gladkill, Sugarpill, Russ Liquid, and so many more at the inaugural INFRASOUND MUSIC FESTIVAL, August 2-4 at Outback Ranch in Houston, Minnesota. More info on the web at


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Tags: Dubstep