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Favorite ThisVarien - The Scarlet Dawn

Published: December 27, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

You like your dubstep with a dash of epic metal? Nick Pittsinger sure does. The accomplished producer out of Florida has crafted a history powerful tunes with a signature sound that pulls in heavy metal, anthemic soundtracks, and evokes fantastical creatures and otherworldly landscapes. Varien's latest offering, "The Scarlet Dawn," is a booming tune that starts with airy strings and synths. Building, as Pittsinger's compositions do, to a massive climax complete with screaming guitars and thundering drums. The Varien sound is built for the zombie apocalypse, vampire takeover, or robot holocaust. He's setting himself up to be a movie-making machine. As soon as the big budget blockbuster studios get wind of this guy, he's going to find his tunes on the silver screen.