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Favorite ThisVarien - Mirrors

Published: February 13, 2012
By: Beth Ann Johnson
In July 2011, a press release announced the launch of Monstercat Media, an agency specializing in the marketing and promotion of up and coming EDM artists. Following the statement, the label distributed 7 exclusive tracks showcasing the talent of 7 individuals involved in the artist collective. One of those artists was Tampa-based producer Nick Pittsinger. Creating a following for himself and recording under the name Halo Nova, Pittsinger signed with Monstercat Media where he eventually took the pseudonym Varien. His latest release, "Mirrors," is a rigorous track that shifts between drumstep and moombahton. The advanced arrangement validates his new direction and the composer's tenacious rebirth. Peaking at #1 on Beatport's Top 100 Drum and Bass chart, and continuing to hold a Top 5 spot through the weekend, Varien keeps the hype alive for Monstercat Media in 2012.

Tags: Dubstep