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Favorite ThisVarien - Lilith

Published: December 25, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Here's wishing you a Creepy Christmas! Production prodigy Varien is back with a brand new descent into the macabre. Think Nightmare Before Christmas meets the Saw movies. "Lilith" is a ghoulish composition highlighting Nick Pittsinger's dedication to big, bad orchestral sounds. The 22-year-old producer first gained attention with his symphonic renderings of Skrillex tunes, but has moved into crafting these lush, large-scale haunting opuses with a completely unique feel. Pittsinger is already an accomplished video game music producer, which comes as no surprise if you're familiar with his catalog. "Lilith" is gorgeous, but those drops are dangerous. For those tired of the "ho-ho-ho-ing" and all the mistletoe-ing, retreat to your cavernous lair and dive into Varien.