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Favorite ThisVarien - Future Funk [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: March 1, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

When it comes to big, nobody does it better than Varien. Twenty-two year old Nick Pittsinger is a cinematic genius, with a flair for the dramatic. It's no wonder his past few years have been spent scoring film trailers and video games in addition to releasing a slew of originals and remixes of high-profile acts (including Skrillex, if you're wondering where you've encountered his material before).

Today, The Untz gifts "Future Funk" from Varien's Pick Your Poison Vol 1, a collection of ten macabre instrumentals each aurally depicting a grisly fate. These cinematic soundscapes are obviously big and bold, but they're also brooding mood pieces full of haunting melodies and lush instrumentation, befitting a 22nd century recreation of a Poe classic. This dark and twisted side of Varien complements his pursuit of epic perfection. Thundering bass, deafening kicks (which sound like crashing metal semis), and orchestral stabs leap and soar through a widescreen wonderland of eerie blackness. Spooky... go ahead and pick your poison. Out now on FiXT.

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