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Favorite ThisUrbanstep - Stopping By [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: April 16, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Today, we check back in with your good friend Yuri Grauberger, Latvian bass music producer extraordinaire, and his Belgian partner in crime Aidan Rypens. The pair, producing as Urbanstep, have always had a knack for crafting the perfect sounds for video games. It just seems to come naturally. The duo really nails it this time around. "Stopping By" has the energy and intensity of a hail of virtual gunfire, the browns and grays of a rainy level littered with nuclear waste barrels that will explode into a million fragments if even a stray slug grazes them--yet no one thought to remove them. Boom. Dead. Respawn, and hit repeat. This one's yours for FREE. And you didn't even have to drop in a quarter.