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Favorite ThisUnlimited Gravity - Flight of the Ragents [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: August 23, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

It's been two years in the making for Ronnie Weberg. The limitations of time and space are lifted on August 27th, as the new Unlimited Gravity album reaches far and wide. Unlimited is a stunning collection of deeply evocative, achingly beautiful bass odes of delicate precision and grandeur. Rare is the song under seven minutes, as Weberg plays with melody and counterpoint across wide expanses of thick, low sound waves. Today, we premiere "Flight of the Ragents," a pensive, dark, and exotic number with hard-hitting drums and flashes of razor sharp, subsonic frequencies. Unlimited Gravity will be celebrating the release of his brand new album August 30th in his home club, Cervantes, in the heart of his hometown of Denver, CO. Joining him are his good pals in the scene: Bass Science, Cloud-D, Kruza Kid, Satoru, ChemDawgz, and Damnesia-vu--a truly remarkable celebration of an immeasurable achievement.