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Favorite ThisULK and UNKNWN team up on 'Disoriented'

Published: September 12, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

ULK x UNKNWNMust be Wisconsin day on our channels. We're going full cheese-head in honor of Rogers' miracle knee, I guess.

The Wisco bass scene has been pumping for a while, but we get to shine our spotlight on two talented guys making their way in the midwest through grit, determination, and some tough ass tunes. We had the honor of hosting Brock Muellner, a.k.a. UNKNWN, at The Untz Festival back in June, and he turned us onto a fellow Wisonsonite in Ross Rautmann, who produces and performs as ULK.

Muellner was able to distract Rautmann from his penchant for halftime into the deep dubstep realm, and the resulting tune, “Disoriented,” is a perfect distillation of everything we like in our bass. It's got a real hypnotic groove, and the little artist flairs of experimentalism don't derail that throbbing pulse.

If you like the deeper sound of dub, dive into “Disoriented,” and keep tabs on these exciting kids from the north.

Tags: Dubstep