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Favorite ThisTwo Fresh & NiT GriT (The No Antidote Tour) Review / McDonald Theater (Eugene, OR) / 03.27.12

Published: April 3, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

The No Antidote Tour finally made its way into Eugene, Oregon, on Tuesday, and it did not disappoint. The tour, which is spanning the country over 40 dates, features two of the country’s brightest young bass talents, NiT GriT and Two Fresh. Although much of Eugene was on spring break, the show was still able to draw an ample crowd; and while not as large as some recent EDM events at the spacious McDonald Theater, it made for a much more intimate experience.

The first headliner to take the stage was the burgeoining Asheville, North Carolina trio known as Two Fresh. The group features twin producers Kendrick and Sherwyn Nicholls, and live drummer Colby Buckler, who together crafted a breathtaking show from beginning to end.
The drums echoed deafening snare hits each time Buckler let loose. The brothers Nicholls were rocking out with incredible passion behind their monitors, and even went wild near the end of their set and each spit a hot 16 bars and a couple choruses over one of their own songs. Finishing off the set, Two Fresh dropped an incredible cut featuring samples from Waka Flocka Flame yelling, “It’s a Party,” which sealed the deal on their diverse and groundbreaking performance. 

After a short intermission, Danny Beall, better known as NiT GriT, strode onto the stage. The San Jose native has proved over the last few years that he is a force to be reckoned with, and an absolutely diligent worker who knows nothing but perfecting his sounds and unleashing them like a bulldozer on his fans.

Before he could even start playing the crowd was yelling, “We Love you Danny,” and, “Oh Danny Boy,” which cracked a grin from ear to ear. Although once his set began he got right down to business, and so did the crowd. With each song Beall dropped the dedicated audience inched closer to the stage and became more immersed in his bass whompin’ tones, like musical whiplash. Beall was asking questions like, “Eugene you feeling this shit?” and “You ready to get rowdy?” with the obvious answer being a gigantic uproar from the crowd which only encouraged him to go even harder.

GriT was dropping floor-shattering originals like “Purple” and “The Mechanism of Control,” while also delivering fan favorite remixes of Love & Light and Stellamara. Not to mention uplifting collaborations with Stephan Jacobs, who together producer under the quirky title Pizza Party. The crowd demanded an encore, and Beall delivered with a quick paced drum and bass track that he usually doesn’t play, but felt Eugene was special enough to hear it.

The No Antidote Tour was a hit. It combined great artists, amazing light and stage setups, and a young crowd who was ready to get down and show the artists what Eugene is all about. While Two Fresh had played at the McDonald Theater before on the Mothership Tour in October, it was NiT GriT’s first appearance here, and in all of Eugene for that matter, and he without a doubt made the best of it while unleashing his hailstorm of pumped up out-of-this-world music.