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Favorite ThisTurbo Suit releases new live video with ProbCause [Out Here - March 3]

Published: February 18, 2015

By: Sterling Martin

Even though it’s highly questionable whether the world is prepared—Turbo Suit, the musical outfit formerly known as Cosby Sweater, is ready to unveil the next generation of their radical and innovative beats. Today the trio delivers a video from their opening set for the Disco Biscuits in Chicago, offering a taste of what’s to come in the future. Their forthcoming album Out Here, features a song with Chicago’s own hip-hop heavy-hitter ProbCause. The artists joined forces on stage for an unforgettable performance of “Hourglass” at Concord Music Hall.

The first half of the video highlights ProbCause, swiftly laying down his rhymes on the groovy up-tempo beat. Following his exit off stage is a smooth, catchy sax riff by Nicholas Gerlach, that steadily intensifies as the song builds and progresses. The brass carefully interlaced between futuristic synths make it easy to see why Turbo Suit is the next best thing in dance music. Bits of heavy bass are also weaved throughout the track, but never overpower the other sounds.

The genius and skillfully crafted music of Turbo Suit is steadily on the rise—be sure to lookout for the release of their latest album “Out Here” soon!

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