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Favorite ThisTRiLL MURRAY- Mysterious Disappearance

Published: June 27, 2013
By: Scotty Fuller

Who is TRiLL MURRAY?  EDM fan have been wondering this since he mysteriously burst on to the scene last year.  In a previous interview he did with The Untz, he told us that he was ”born in the East, raised in the Midwest, studied in the South, and now lives in the West.”  He even wears a knitted white beard at his shows so you can’t see his whole face, masking his real appearance.  So, it is all too fitting that his newest single is called “Mysterious Disappearance".  On his SoundCloud, TRiLL MURRAY dedicates the track to a "special someone who mysteriously disappeared".  This song sounds like what it would feel like to float around aimlessly in space.  Basically, it’s TriLL’s take on trap music, which he appropriately refers to as “space trap”.  MURRAY’s production skills are crystal clear on this chilled out tune.  We can only hope the man in the knit white beard continues to grace us with more jams like this in between hunting gophers and busting on ghosts.