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Favorite ThisTRIBONE unveils stomper 'Cognitive Shift' to tease Shanti Planti EP

Published: November 13, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

After releasing The Chant on Kalya Scintilla's Merkaba Music, and contributing a solid track to Desert Dwellers' The Great Mystery Remixes Part 1, TRIBONE is settling in nicely at his new home with the Shanti Planti collective. Following up his collaboration with Whitebear on the compilation, Rhythm Code Part II, Israel's Shahar is on the verge of releasing his brand new EP, Beneath & Beyond.

Today's premiere, "Cognitive Shift," is a powerful tune packed with plenty of bass. Psytrance is and always will be super popular in Israel, and Shahar has managed to take that dugga dugga dugga low, bass rumble and channel it into a swirling fusion of midtempo glitch and heart-pounding psystep. This is a pure masterpiece for fans of subsonic psychedelia.

Already a rising star amongst the psy bass elite, TRIBONE is looking to hit the US in the summer of 2016. You'll be able to get the new EP exclusively from Addictech beginning November 15, and then it can be found on the Shanti Planti Bandcamp page, thereafter.

Tags: DubstepGlitchPsytrance