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Favorite ThisTriad Dragons - Over the Rainbow [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: October 7, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

When you tackle a melody as ubiquitous as "Over the Rainbow," you take an awful big chance. Anyone from ages 8 to 80 can sing you that tune, and most people have some sort of nostalgic connection with the track. Updating it for today's modern dance music world is an even bigger challenge. That guy with the ukulele made it into a big hit, so who's to say that Triad Dragons can't?

The Denver-based trio wraps the ages old melody in a warm prog house blanket and then unveils the bright, shiny new version with such a climactic build, we've got chills! We're sure they'll break it out at Hallowfreaknween 2013 at Denver Mart on October 26th with Gareth Emery and Bl3nd.

Tags: TechnoTranceElectroHouseHard Dance