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Favorite ThisTrees premiere 'Check My Pulse' featuring Ganavya

Published: April 19, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

TreesIf you're gonna do psychedelic bass live, do it right. Longtime guitarist Mark Florence and ultra-slick drummer Jonathan Beverly know this. Chicago's Trees have been doing it live longer than famed racist and misogynist Bill O'Reilly (R.I.P.—j/k, but we can dream), and have created far fewer enemies in the process. The duo fuse a jazz foundation with all sorts of contemporary production styles and exotic flavors to brew up a seamless blend of glitchy soundscapes and frenetic jams. It's a super fun combo.

On the duo's latest EP, A Brief Moment in Time, the pair returned to the famed I.V. Lab in Chicago to lay down their signature psychedelia, but this time brought along a guest who knows her way around a microphone. You may be familar with famed L.A. singer Ganavya, who has toured with the likes of Quincy Jones, and has laid down the vocals for many an iconic Zebbler Encanti Experience track, as well as toured with that popular duo and appeared on their legendary “Inner G” recording.

Ganavya joined Trees on each of the six tracks on A Brief Moment in Time, and today, we premiere “Check My Pulse,” a really haunting cut that develops into a frenzied, bass-fueled jam by its culmination. It's fun, it's fearsome, and it fits right into the overall tapestry woven by each of the tracks. They're all yours on April 20, and fans can support the duo in its efforts to get the album pressed to vinyl by pitching into their Qrates campaign. Help them out!

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