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Favorite ThisTravis Porter - Make It Rain (X5IGHT Remix)

Published: February 10, 2014
By: Joshua Davis

X5IGHT hit home for me with their recent remix of Travis Porter’s classic club banger “Make It Rain.” Whether you’re into hip-hop or not the original beat was something your feet couldn't resist, regardless if it was the original or T Pain’s remix. X5IGHT took it, spun it, and turned it into a 128-bpm progressive electro trap piece that makes you get that “I just smelled shit” face.  It starts off with heavy bass kicks, smoothes out into build-ups that are very in your face, and cue shit smell face. It simmers a bit and then pours a bit of trap in the mix.
Give it a listen, or--like me--a couple. Download it, even. Definitely check out their EP The Radiance as well as other releases. This duo is undoubtedly fit for big club sets where I’m sure they’d rock the walls of wherever they played. Call me crazy, but I immediately thought they’d be a perfect opener for Dada Life. They dabble in just about everything in terms of remixes, but their original mixes are where they’ll really grab your attention. Keep an eye out for these guys if you find yourself in the midwest!