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Favorite ThisTRAKA is making me love music again with 'Maktub'

Published: April 7, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

TRAKAAt the very end of last year, I had my head caved in by Serbian graffiti trio TRAKA, and now a few months later, I'm just a puddle of human remains on my floor.

Obviously we're on the same page when I say that YUKU has been putting out the best experimental bass music on the planet over the past year or so. But when I try to explain that this new TRAKA album, Maktub, is the absolute best thing they've put out. Period.

I know this collection isn't going to be out for a while, but just listen to the title track. “Maktub” is a forward-thinking hip-hop track that sounds so timeless, because it's not using any gimmicks; just straight up heart-pounding drums and bass. The same can be said for the rest of the album, as well as the guest appearances. Everything about this release is so pure.

I absolutely hate being the bearer of bad news, but the release date is August 19th. There are so many goodies in this bundle, though, it makes the wait bearable. We'll be premiering another tune soon. You bet your life on it.

Pre-order the Maktub digital bundle from YUKU

Tags: Hip Hop