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Favorite ThisTOWERS & MeSo go in on 'Tokyo'

Published: December 21, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

TOWERS & MeSoMichael Maguire is enjoying some notoriety right under our noses. The talented bass producer out of San Jose has been getting some big attention for some of his remixes (including the PEEKABOO “Motion” flip below), and we're just now finding out about him.

I've never been so embarrased.

Now TOWERS has teamed up with one of the fastest rising acts in our scene, Chicago's MeSo, for an original collab that is one of the standouts from the brand new Spicy Bois holiday compilation 'Tis the Seasoning.

Tokyo” is unapologetically spicy, taking TOWERS' penchant for heavy with MeSo's irreverent production techniques and combining them into a delectable broth.

It's one of four MeSo collabs on the 14-track compilation, the others with Psyntimental, Space Wizard, and fellow Californian, SAGZ. Other contributors on the comp with whom our fans will already be familiar include UNKNWN, Mr. Wizvrd, Sather, and mlotik. These Spicy Bois are poised to take the bass scene by storm.

Perhaps jumping on board now will forgive my sins of missing these talented acts until now.

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