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Favorite ThisTor is remixed by Emancipator, CloZee, Frameworks, Blockhead & more

Published: June 15, 2017

By: Mitchell Treend

Tor tourThanks to Emancipator’s release platform, Loci Records, we finally have our hands on a full-fledged remix album for Tor’s, Blue Book. This has been in the works for quite some time, after Blue Book debuted last summer. Careful measure was taken to assemble a cast of artists up to the task of reworking this body of material, the second studio album from Tor, and it has most certainly paid off.

The album itself exudes a certain flair that has propelled Tor into the limelight. With that in mind, artists like CloZee, Frameworks, Blockhead, and even Emancipator, have taken care to drive the creative spark even further into unknown territory. The album includes 10 remixes from 10 different artists hailing from all across the globe. If you thought that Blue Book was good the first time around, then you will be exceedingly delighted to hear just how much further these ideas can evolve with a little help from a few talented friends.

Tor has a few special festival dates set up for the rest of the summer and you can be sure that these tracks will be on call to set the mood for a dreamy dance under the stars. The Blue Book remix album is out now for purchase and download on iTunes and other streaming services.

Get it here:

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