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Favorite ThisTor: Drum Therapy Review

Published: December 27, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Music is a beautiful thing. This might seem like an understatement, but it’s an overlooked idea. Different songs and artists fit specific occasions and moods, leaving you to pick the soundtrack for your own daily adventures. Some songs make you want to dance, while others leave you instantly immersed in emotion.

The music of Tor does just that. His vivacious melodies tower over your unconscious mind, while filling each inch of your body with unadulterated fervor. On his debut release via Emancipator’s Loci Records imprint, we witness the current B.C. resident tell an unforgettable tale through visceral symphonies.

“Glass & Stone” sets the pace for Drum Therapy with its looming ambiance and chilling nature. Spellbinding string work plucks away at your steadily beating heart, as cultural influences from around the world build off each other.

“The Thickness” showcases Tor’s uncanny ability to inexplicably mesh numerous genres in one, creating unique tunes ripe with nostalgic tendencies. Steady drumbeats serve as the track’s backbone, leaving jazzy instrumentations to gracefully mimic their every movement.

“Apeture” fills your eardrums with mournful soundscapes and mystical vocal samples. Tor’s music never strays too far towards the spectrum of dreary or overly dark, yet still allows each note to pack a punch of pure emotion.

“Let Me Down” possesses an unmistakably gospel influenced aura. Haunting organ chords coalesce with the heavenly vocals of Rev. Robert Walker, allowing your fears and regrets to immediately surface while taking in lyrics like “And that’s why I can’t afford to let my savior down.”

Tor strikes gold on his debut release, with an unwavering focus on the little things in life. The album builds off a balance of simplistic and elaborately layered moments, while leaving listeners awestruck throughout.

Tags: DowntempoHip Hop