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Favorite ThisTor debuts gorgeous Edamame remix 'Kishi Kaisei'

Published: October 4, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

Edamame Bask Remixed with TorWhen Gravitas Recordings released Edamame's album Bask to great fanfare just over a year ago, we could detect the scent a full remix album wafting in from our sources. Ed Harris and his Gravitas cronies found a number of willing participants who would take those chilled beats and rework them into some Grade A magic. The dense compositions unwound into a symphonic array of infinite possibilities for Frameworks, COFRESI, Dreamers Delight, Plaid Hawaii, Lapa, and more. Today we premiere the lead track from the collection courtesy of Canada's Tor, a man also known for his spectacular productions.

True to form, Tor Sjogren's remix of “Kishi Kaisei,” is light, lush, and effervescent. Positively bubbling with positivity and healing vibes, you want to wrap yourself up in the dazzling shimmer of his sound and shut out the festering ugliness of the daily events in which we find ourselves entangled. Sjogren elevates Harris' effortless beauty to new and expansive heights.

Tor is a busy boy. He just got off CloZee tour, hits Nevada City on Friday with Plantrae, his hometown of Vancouver with the aforementioned Frameworks on Saturday, and then heads out to Europe for a whirlwind tour of Germany, France, England, and Greece with Dirty Art Club and NYM, before jumping back onto CloZee tour at the end of the month. Edamame is doing a couple of Gravitas showcases this week, tonight in Portland and tomorrow night in Seattle. Then he joins Nightmares on Wax in Denver at the end of the month, and kicks off next year with a Loci Records showcase up in the Colorado mountains with Frameworks, Lapa, and label head Emancipator.

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