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Favorite ThisTopher Jones & Amada - Hello Chicago (Stratus Remix)

Published: November 7, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Out now on Ultra Records and iTunes is the smashing set of remixes of Topher Jones' anthem "Hello Chicago." Easily the best of the bunch comes from Chi-city native Patrick Stratton. The Stratus redo launches the house hit into a another dimension at a rip-roaring 140 BPM. Nearly impossible to fathom, the drops whip by like the Red Line at Harrison, and pound like the lake sleet in the middle of January. The gentle pulse of the original becomes a high-energy throwdown in the hands of Stratton, who slices and dices the vocals into a whole new stew of wonderment. Young Stratus has already impressed with a slew of remixes, and proves he's got the Second City locked down.