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Favorite ThisTop 25 Indie-Pop Remixes [Page 5]

Published: January 7, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

5. Hurts - Stay (Millions Like Us Remix)
millions like us - Top 25 Indie Pop Remixes
Talk about flipping a song upside down. Millions Like Us takes on the symphonic production of “Stay,” filling it with riveting crashes that perfectly compliment Hurts’ echoing vocals and daunting demeanor.

4. Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix)
seven lions - Top 25 Indie Pop Remixes
“Cosmic Love” was the only unofficial remix released by Seven Lions in 2012, yet still caught the attention of fans and producers alike. The track contains a certain mystery to its ambiguous aura, while skyrocketing listeners to deep realms of the cosmic universe.

3. The Great Flood Catastrophe - Fallen Love (Kill Paris Remix)
kill paris - Top 25 Indie Pop Remixes
When the sensual soundscapes of Kill Paris infiltrate a crowded room, there’s no telling what will happen. His smooth remix of “Fallen Love” achieves “instant classic” status from the very first listen, and you’ve got to love those cowbells.

2. Chromeo - Night By Night (Skream Remix)
skream - Top 25 Indie Pop Remixes
The average indie remix tends to highlight the original song’s ambiance by speeding up its pace, adding some heavy, and giving fans reason to dance. “Night By Night” is not that type of remix. Skream slows down the pace, in turn creating a sexual and unforgettable love jam.

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