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Favorite ThisTop 20 EDM Producers - 20 and under

Published: January 2, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

As the EDM industry continues to develop, it’s become obvious that the game’s players keep getting younger and younger. The term “Kids these days” has taken on an entirely different meaning, as veteran producers take influence from those still in their mid teens. Phrases like “This track is crazy and he’s only 16” have become completely commonplace in the world of bass music, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Hell, in a few years will be making a list of the top fifteen producers under fifteen.

20. Aylius (17)
aylius - Top 20 EDM Producers - 20 and under
Starting things off is a youngin’ on his grind from New England. Aylius mixes crashing synths with mind-boggling snares, instantly raising the hairs on the back of your neck. His music begs listeners to pay attention, and nothing can distract your senses once his tantalizing builds coalesce with pummeling drops.

19. TYR (18)
tyr - Top 20 EDM Producers - 20 and under
TYR might have been born in the early 90’s, but he’s rapidly remixing tracks released decades before that. Fresh takes on songs from Fleetwood Mac and The Bee Gees prove his parents did an incredible job raising him, and we’re now reaping the benefits. The marriage of glitch-hop and savvy vocals has us hooked.

18. Eptic (20)
eptic - Top 20 EDM Producers - 20 and under
Eptic is all about rattling his listeners’ speakers with throbbing synths and crushing drums. That’s right, we’re talking about that grimy dubstep shit. No one’s going to hear his tracks and drift off on an unconscious journey, but they will be fueled with an endless supply of unrelenting adrenaline.

17. Comic Strips (20)
comic strips - Top 20 EDM Producers - 20 and under
Comic Strips has quickly proven he’s not afraid to take chances. You might think you’ve figured out what he’ll do next, but chances are you’re wrong. Certain songs will have listeners dancing to its smooth electro vibes, while others unexpectedly unleash schizophrenic tendencies. He’s young and having fun, no reason to settle down with one sound just yet.

16. Haywyre (20)
haywyre - Top 20 EDM Producers - 20 and under
Haywyre is always thinking outside the box. He’s not the type of artist who will be pinned down to a specific style, and consistently looks to pursue this ambitious originality. Each track is a new experience, a new emotion, and this drive to create something unique has left fans begging more.


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