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Favorite ThisTop 15 Producers with Pipes [Page 3]

Published: January 15, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

5. Gemini
Gemini - Top 15 Producers with Pipes
You know those airy vocals often heard howling over bewitching cuts by Gemini? Those are actually the vocals of Thomas Slinger himself, proving he’s a double threat just waiting to clench the deepest realms of your eardrums. Usually you have to pay good money for mood shifting vocals like these, but Slinger’s incontrovertible range continues to help him save big.

4. Calyx
Calyx - Top 15 Producers with Pipes
The haunting style of drum and bass produced by Calyx is only matched by his spellbinding vocals. This endearing combination instantly immerses any listener, spiraling the mind into dizzying depths and heights. Tracks like “Elevate This Sound” and “Strung Out” shine a light on this extraterrestrial infusion, invoking unrelenting passion throughout each tune.

3. Rob Swire (Knife Party / Pendulum)
Rob Swire - Top 15 Producers with Pipes
Rob Swire has been making a permanent dent on the world of EDM for over ten years now, and shows no signs of letting up. The Australian musician got his start as the front man for the unparalleled super group Pendulum, and now reigns terror over bass culture as one half of Knife Party. Swire continues to unveil his vast production abilities, belting hypnotizing lyrics over classic Pendulum gems and Deamau5’s “Ghosts N Stuff.”

2. Mimi Page
Mimi Page - Top 15 Producers with Pipes
Everything about Mimi Page is beautiful. From her radiant visage and elevating vocals, to the dreamy instrumentations she gracefully produces. Page has collaborated with artists like Bassnectar, Gladkill, and Kezwik, making every musician and their mother jealous. Her solo work is just as addicting, sure to instantaneously float listeners far above the earth’s atmosphere.

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