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Favorite ThisTop 15 OWSLA Tracks [Page 2]

Published: January 22, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

10. Hundred Waters - Sonnet
Hundred Waters - Top 15 OWSLA Tracks
The alleviating music of Hundred Waters is by no means OWSLA’s usual style, but was accepted with open arms by many of its followers. “Sonnet” relies heavily on hypnotizing guitar plucks and visceral vocals, creating a pure and immersive sound that brightens the world around you.

9. Porter Robinson - Spitfire
Porter Robinson - Top 15 OWSLA Tracks
Porter Robinson’s Spitfire EP is what got the OWSLA train rolling. The label’s debut release had “Instant classic” written all over it, containing some of 2011’s biggest anthems. “Vandalism” infuses Robinson’s formerly gritty style of electro house with Amba Shepherd’s tantalizing vocals, resulting in unadulterated bliss for seven serotonin-flooding minutes.

8. Seven Lions - The Truth
Seven Lions - Top 15 OWSLA Tracks
The music of Seven Lions has been a momentous game-changer for producers this past year. His ambitious desire to cultivate dreamy soundscapes continues to leave endless listeners speechless, vindicating his well-deserved place amongst 2012’s most fearless musicians. “The Truth” highlights Jeff Montalvo’s uncanny ability to consistently hurdle any boundaries or constraints, injecting unrelenting fervor into your bloodstream.

7. Zedd - Shave It (501 Remix)
501 - Top 15 OWSLA Tracks
Every event in your life needs a theme song. Reflecting on a successful 24 hours is only appropriately wrapped up by bumping Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day,” and you literally can’t face a painful hangover without enjoying “Sunshine” by Atmosphere. That’s why Zedd produced “Shave It,” so even the act of removing facial (or otherwise) hair can seem enjoyable. 501’s synth smacking, tectonic plate shifting revamp stays true to this general theme, while cranking the heavy to eleven.

6. Skream ft. Sam Frank - Anticipate (NETSKY Remix)
Netsky - Top 15 OWSLA Tracks
Skream and Sam Frank’s ethereal tune “Anticipation” tells a truly breathtaking story. The two musicians were each currently awaiting the birth of a child, fueling their creative juju behind this emotive track. How’s that for inspiration! Netsky’s clutching remix retains the core feel present in the original, impregnating it with his trademark brand of uplifting drum ‘n’ bass.

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