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Favorite ThisTop 10 Trance Songs of 2013 [Page 2]

Published: December 26, 2013

By: Jordan Calvano

5. Lange - Fireflies ft Cate Kanell
Lange – Fireflies ft Cate Kanell

Longevity is entirely key in the world of electronic music. Staying relevant for over a decade has become an arduous task, requiring producers to acknowledge current trends while still retaining their inventiveness. Just ask Lange. The British producer has steadily gained an unwavering fan base over the years, developing a record label and his own alluring sound with absolute poise and tenacity. With “Fireflies,” we witness the seasoned producer exerting pure elation. No shortcuts or cheap tricks. Just forward thinking, intoxicating music with endless sentiments and hypnotic vocals.

4. Myon & Shane 54 with Aruna - Lights
Myon & Shane 54 with Aruna – Lights

When Myon & Shane 54 and Aruna join forces, the result is always something special. The Velvetine members made our trance list last year with “The Great Divide,” leaving us utterly addicted since our first taste. “Lights” focuses on a more upbeat sound, but that doesn’t mean the Hungarian producers sacrificed a single ounce of emotion. More focus on the dance floor, yet we still receive a resolute dosage of Aruna’s sultry vocals paired with gentle, piano based moments. Fingers crossed for more collaboration between these three in 2013, because what we’re hearing here is downright majestic.

3. Estiva & Jeera Lert - Come Home
Estiva & Jeera Lert – Come Home

“Come Home” is the definition of melodic. The exhilarating tune was just one serving in Estiva’s eight-course meal of luscious singles released in 2013, but something about its overflowing waves of jubilation truly struck a chord. Maybe it was the heart stopping amalgam of sentimental vocals and silky instrumentations, or possibly the minimal aesthetic and use of space executed in each transfixing section. We just couldn’t get enough. At this pace, Estiva could easily become one of the most revered members of the trance community by the end of 2014. Just imagine how clutch he’ll be after releasing eight more singles? 

2. Above & Beyond - Walter White
Above & Beyond – Walter White

How good is Above & Beyond? The trance legends spent most of 2013 focused on developing their acoustic tracks and live performances, but amongst all this were able to squeeze out a groundbreaking little jingle called “Walter White.” That’s right, our good friend Heisenberg. The average fan might throw a few classic Breaking Bad samples over their track and call it a tribute, but Above & Beyond decided to go, well, above and beyond. There’s the blue album art, the ability to capture the entire essence of a fictional character’s metamorphosis, and even Jono’s classic “Walter & Jesse & Gustavo & Meth” shirt. We can safely assume the British trio are massive fans. RIP Breaking Bad, bring on Better Caul Saul.

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