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Favorite ThisTop 10 The Prodigy Songs [Page 3]

Published: May 18, 2015

By: Gregory Crocker

4. Voodoo People

Another undisputed classic off of The Prodigy’s sophomore album, this multi-genre’d hybrid track runs the gauntlet, cycling through breakbeat, hardcore, trance and house perfectly exemplifying the musical range of these at the time unproven kids from Essex. With timeless remixes by fellow legends like The Chemical Brothers and Pendulum, it goes to show how much influence this song has had on the culture in which they are a main influence.

3. Firestarter

The first single off of their most renowned and best-selling album The Fat of the Land, Firestarter came out swingin’, with an even more industrial and aggressive sound than usual, which is saying a lot. The album was the first track to pique the interest of fans and newcomers alike on their latest and flawless album that would end up going multi-platinum in several different countries.

2. Smack My Bitch Up

Taking and building off a direct sample of Kool Keith of The Ultramagnetic MC’s, "Smack My Bitch" up ended up being one of their most popular and hands down their most controversial song to date, with the dodgy music video even being banned by MTV. This schooling in the art of sampling (Kool & The Gang AND Rage Against the Machine) takes you on a rollercoaster ride of rage (pun intended), complete with tribal climax, the track is hands down the go to big beat song of the genre’s history and was featured in more or less every action movie made during the turn of the century.

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