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Favorite ThisTop 10 The Prodigy Songs [Page 2]

Published: May 18, 2015

By: Gregory Crocker

7. Poison

The second this track starts, with its dark ominous wobbles and crazy sounding vocal sample, you knew it wasn’t your run of the mill dance track. When the drums kick in, it’s enough to make you lose your mind, somehow turning something so dark into something so funky at the same time. The subtle repetition of “underground” in the background speaks volumes; reminding you they never have or will make even one song conforming to what they think people want, but doing whatever the hell they please.

6. Funky Shit

In this track of infinite builds, complete with Beastie Boys-lent sample of Ad-Rock from their song “Root Down,” you’re left in a state of overwhelming hip-hop induced trance. An homage to their influences, this cut is a fun-yet-heavy-hitting underrated dance classic.

5. No Good (Start the Dance)

One of the heaviest and most different songs of their storied career, “No Good” is a straight hardcore/jungle gem, a mix of two predecessor genre’s amalgamated into what became one of the quintessential and recognizable dance songs ever, with its climax sampling the 80's dance hit “You’re No Good for Me” by Kelly Charles it left people gasping in awe that such an overplayed house tope could be turned into such aggressive sound.

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